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The 4D EAGLE S measuring systems record different finished dimensions at two locations at Saarstahl

April 2024

Two 4D EAGLE S successfully in operation at Saarstahl

Steel producer Saarstahl AG has commissioned the 4D EAGLE S measuring system for profile measurement and surface inspection developed by KOCKS and LAP as part of a far-reaching strategic alliance at its production sites in Nauweiler and Neunkirchen in Germany.

At two of the company's locations in Nauweiler and Neunkirchen, product dimensions are digitally measured behind the existing KOCKS RSB® reducing and sizing blocks in the rolling process. The respective measurement results are displayed clearly and in real-time via the SMART CORE X software.

Developed for the demanding environment in rolling mills, the 4D EAGLE S provides consistently reliable data on the products' profile and surface throughout the entire rolling operation. The innovative measuring system jointly developed by KOCKS and LAP thus paves the way for more efficient and transparent rolling processes within the two rolling mills. Advanced hardware technology, in combination with modern software and machine learning based on artificial intelligence, opens extensive analysis and evaluation options – for sustainable process optimization and quality assurance.