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New generation of laser-based measuring systems

KOCKS and LAP announce far-reaching strategic alliance

KOCKS Measure + Inspect GmbH & Co. KG and LAP Measurement Technology GmbH have announced a far-reaching strategic cooperation. The cooperation includes the joint development and marketing of the latest generation of laser-based measuring systems. Under the name "4D EAGLE S", the companies will present a hybrid measuring device offering bar steel producers a comprehensive profile measurement and surface inspection solution.

The4D EAGLE S uses advanced laser technology to accurately detect and classify various rolling defects. At the same time, the complete contour of the long products is measured. Users can access state-of-the-art software tools for the detailed analysis of the collected data on the surface and profile. "The teams in rolling mills benefit from far-reaching transparency and the opportunity to optimize process and product quality sustainably," states Fabian Beck, Director Global Sales at LAP Measurement Technology.

The two partners are pooling their extensive know-how as part of the cooperation. LAP has been leading in the field of laser measurement systems for the steel industry for decades. KOCKS, contributes its expertise as a specialist in 3-roll technology for precise special bar quality production. "Thanks to the synergies we have tapped, the 4D EAGLE S measuring device comprehensively meets the high requirements of modern rolling mills and stands out from existing solutions," emphasizes Dr.-Ing. Santino Keusemann, General Manager of KOCKS Measure + Inspect GmbH & Co KG. Two initial systems were successfully installed at a well-known German steel producer even before the official market launch.

December 2023